Beer Guy: Cardin-Ale Sins

There’s not a whole hell of a lot that’s considered a sin in craft brewing. Many breweries like to push the limits, adding a variety of ingredients that have traditionally not been used in ales and lagers: mint, chipolte peppers, ghost peppers, bacon, maple syrup. The list is legion, Rogue has even made beer with beard yeast.

But there is one sin out there in craft beer land, and it has little to do with ingredients, but it has a lot to do with serving vessels. (more…)

Beer Guy: Meet the New Boss

Same as the old boss…

Nah, not really trying to channel The Who, but I do want to talk a bit about is our local growth. What it really means, and where Frederick is going. And Frederick is, in my humble opinion, going the way of Asheville, Portland, Denver, and many other great craft beer destinations. (more…)

Beer Guy: The Happiest Place on Earth

With all due respect to Uncle Walt, Disney is not, in fact, the happiest place on Earth. Sure, look at the smiling, laughing faces of the children…until they’re in that two-hour wait for the “It’s A Small World Ride.” Then look at the faces of the parents of the screaming children as they engage in the Pirates of the Caribbean Death March – the ashen, “kill me now” faces that are staring off into the ether. (more…)

Beer Guy: Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

When you think about it, beer is kind of magical. It’s not like whiskey, or vodka, which requires a distillery, or wine making, which…well, don’t get me started. You can make beer in your house and have drinkable beer in two weeks.

Two. Freakin’. Weeks. (more…)