Beer Guy: Ice Ice Baby

Sorry the column is late. Let’s call it a 12-hour snow delay.

Yup. I know. You’re sick of the winter weather. And you know what? In six months we’ll all be sick of 95 degrees with 90 percent humidity, because, well, summer here sucks too. (more…)

Beer Guy: The Beer Guy

So, in this is edition of The Beer Guy, I’ve decided to take on something truly controversial…me.

Okay, so I admit, I am given to a bit of hyperbole. (more…)

Beer Guy: Calm Before the Storm

Beer Guy: Calm Before the Storm

It’s a myth.

There is no such thing as the calm before the storm. There’s the tense build up, there’s the storm, and there’s the aftermath. Calm? The last time I dealt with calm?…I don’t really remember. Then again, I have kids. (more…)

Beer Guy: The Beerstiary and Other Thoughts

I have, of late, been pondering penning a book on beer in Maryland – history, growth, flagship beers, the evolution of the beer bar in the state, the relationship with local agriculture concerns – but with the current industry growth, it might actually be a phenomenally difficult thing to keep up with. To wit: in the last couple of years, new Maryland breweries have included Union, Full Tilt, Public Works, Ruhlman, Mully’s, Burley Oak, Fin City, Milkhouse, Frey’s, Push, ReAleRevival, Shorebilly, and in the pipeline are Jailbreak, Denizens, Black-Eyed Suzan, Scorpion, Chester River, and Mad Science. And this is just what’s off the top of my head. (more…)